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Mobile Gallery For Peugeot

Location: Various, UK / Scope: Design and Build 3no. medium size articulated trailers (Yutaka Yano in association with Circus Architects) / Year: 2000-2001

The project set out to create unique mobile architecture that can be transported to any destinations and transformed into a pavilion structure to host physical brand experience representing the automobile manufacturer. This unique building typology makes the experience accessible to remote locations and difficult to reach places. The structures were also designed to host special programs during selected automobile and racing events. Three number of articulated medium size mobile trailers were fabricated through design and build framework. The trailers during the transit must conform to the European Road regulations and all the dynamic mobile parts were to be designed in lightweight constructions to allow the deployment process to be manageable by a single person.

Working in collaboration with the specialist contractor, the planning arrangement adopted a modular framework where all the three trailers to be both operable as individual units or joined together to form a larger combined structure. Intricate steel framework with diverse range of hinges and telescopic components enables the structure and it’s volume to multi-fold and expand. Unique engineering insight and precise understanding of the operational requirement and the deployment sequences allowed the realisation of this compact yet dynamically transformable architecture.

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