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Multi-storey Complex for Container Storage and Cargo Handling in Tsing Yi

Location: Tsing Yi, Hong Kong SAR / Scope: Masterplanning and Architecture Consultancy, GFA 230,000sqm / Year: 2017-2021

The feasibility study for this architecture and planning project set out to establish a key parameter for a new development on Multi-storey Complex (MSC) for Container Storage and Cargo Handling in Tsing Yi - at the junction of Tsing Yi Road, Tsing Yi Hong Wan Road, and west of the Container Terminal 9. Anticipating the future trend in logistic sector focusing on automation and AI, the planning study includes international benchmarking of comparative schemes and selected innovative technologies combined with site analysis, engineering study on the vehicular traffic, visual impact assessment and public consultation.

The base design option adopted GFA: 230,000 sqm based on the trip generation and attraction rates of the proposed MSC by carrying out a field survey conducted on the existing logistic buildings and adjacent container terminal sites. To mitigate visual impacts of large building massing, architectural design introduces modular articulation of concrete and glass articulations with soft landscaping in selected areas including the multi-storey bi-directional helical ramp and the roof top garden. The proposal also incorporates sustainable design features including articulated photovoltaic canopies above the rooftop parking space.