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Yuen Long Freshwater Pumping Station

Location: Yuen Long, Hong Kong SAR / Scope: Architecture, Site Area 720sqm / Year 2022 - On-going

This new Freshwater Pumping Station forms part of a wider infrastructure works in preparation of new public housing development in Yuen Long. The site is located along a new roadway, bridges and site formation works to extend vehicular pedestrian network in the vicinity for the future housing neighborhood. With complex surrounding site conditions including, to the east is continuation of sloped topography with existing trees and vegetations, immediately to the south is existing drainage channel which are to be retained and to the west is the new access road for the pumping station with the Yuen Long Highway immediately beyond.

Accommodating various site edge conditions, architectural strategy employs articulation of stepped boundary walls that allows the building to mitigate various edge conditions with ordered modular fenestration of the walls and architectural louver details that allows the building to express sense of coherence while mitigating visual impact. Considering ease of maintenance and robust construction fit for the purpose, material selection with focus on hardwearing building finishes combined with sustainability promoting recycled materials in selected areas.

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