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Architecture of Shade Kinetic Playground

Location: Oi! At Oil Street Art Space, Hong Kong SAR / Scope: Kinetic Installation design and Fabrication / Year: 2018-2021 / Project Team: Curator; Ivy Mei Kiu. Project Management; Oil Street Art Space team. Dance and Choreography; Unlock Dancing Plaza. Music; Osamu Yano. Production House; Min Hing Construction. Software Engineering; Andrew Lee. Installation Concept and Engineering; SKY YUTAKA

Architecture of Shade / Kinetic Playground is an experimental pavilion structure which invites the audience to explore the relationship between the body and space. The curatorial framework set by the organiser aims to activate the public space and foster local community engagement and exchange of ideas through commissioning of art project. In response the design concept of the kinetic pavilion draws its inspirations from cultural understanding of our landscape which has dramatically been altered with saturation of digital media and ubiquitous mobile devices we use to read our urban space. The pavilion serves two main functions: during normal use, it provides much needed additional amenity space for the venue.

The pavilion also has sensors and is able to dynamically respond to surrounding environment, light and wind sensors control the main canopy to open when its sunny and close to protect itself when the wind become too strong. During the special event, the pavilion transforms itself to become the stage for contemporary dance performance. In collaboration with the local dance group, Unlock, special dance performance was choreographed that tells the narrative of how the animals encounter man-made system and having to find a way to adapt. For the performance, part of the pavilion structure transforms into a wearable device with Computer Vision camera sensors. Provision of additional display monitors that show the graphic interface of the interactive system, combined with colored lighting and specially composed ambient sound enhance atmosphere for the performance.

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