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Semiotics of Space

Locations: London, Paris, Bilbao, New York / Scope: Design and Prototyping of Interactive Wearable Installation, Design Research (SKY Lee while conducting design research at UCL) / Materials: (inner) Rip-stop fabric, reflective film; (outer) PVC, infra-red sensors, LED diodes, inflatable tubing, springs, mirror / Year: 1999-2019

The Semiotics of Space is spatial exploration of the relationship between site and identity. Following an extensive study into sites of desire and how landmarks affects the person’ s perception of space, a pair of layered garments were created which act as a tool to explore our relationship with the urban fabric. A suit using photo-reflective strips created the base of the garment with the body key zones as horizon points over which a transparent coat would be work which could be deconstructed into parts.

Sites for the performance were selected for their relationship to a 'famous' landmark and resulting performance was choreographed with sensors embedded into the coat would react and initiate a sequence of movements. When two performers were active, the coat would control the space of the other partner, creating subtle movements through inflation which would affect the space of the other. Where only one performer was active, there would be a relationship between the site and the body which are both intrinsically linked and create a new reading of the space.

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