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Alumni Landscape Garden

Location: New Territories, Hong Kong SAR / Scope: Landscape, Project Management, area 2600sqm / Year: 2012-2013

Project consists of the creation of new landscape garden combining water features, seating area, signage and integration of commissioned artwork. The site is located within large local university campus and form part of wider hiking-trail which is host to many varieties of flora and fauna including over 200 plant species, common trees and rare plant varieties. The garden was created in celebration of the Golden Jubilee of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) to recognize the contributions made by the alumni over the past 50 years. The design incorporated plantation of 51 new trees and creation of amenity area for the students and university community.

Sculpture, named 'The Integration' by renowned contemporary sculptor Professor Wu Weishan, was commissioned and installed at the centre of the Garden. The central landscape water feature is inspired by the game played in ancient China, Qu Shui Liu Shang (曲水流觞); The participants would sit along the stream and drink the liquors when they stop randomly in front of them, which was believed could take away bad luck. It was envisaged that during the ceremony the university could hold its own Qu Shui Liu Shang by organising musicians and write poems by the water stream.

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