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Water Ladder Masterplanning

Location: Taichung, Taiwan / Scope: Landscape Masterplanning (254 hectares), Design Competition / Year: 2010-2011

The Water Ladder is a landscape masterplan proposal that set out to rehabilitate the land which for years served as location for the former city airport into a heart of new mixed-use development, a new public park promoting sustainable lifestyle and commerce. Flexible planning framework focusing on articulations of various water infrastructures set out to be seamlessly integrated into the wider watershed plane that extends beyond the site and envisioned the park’s impact through its connection with the existing river and green corridor that runs across the northern border and ultimately connects back to the sea.

Acknowledging the location's eponymous link with water, the design study focused on various water infrastructures, designed to unify the site along a north-south axis with newly created waterways, wetland, storm attenuation pond, bioswale and various types of farmland and open spaces which are regulated and controlled with articulated water flow structures powered by photovoltaic and kinetic structures. Injecting into these mechanical landscapes are various multifaceted programs and amenity spaces providing a framework for the diverse community with consideration for flexibility and adjustment of the land use anticipating organic growth in the future.

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