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Gift of Light

Location: Hong Kong SAR (Launched at the K11 Art Space, Cosco Tower in Sheung Wan and subsequently exhibited at PMQ) / Scope: Lighting prototype design and fabrication in collaboration with MEGAMAN lighting co. / Year: 2016

Gift of Light is a lighting prototype developed in collaboration with a lighting company. The design development focused on the visual essence of light by exploring reflective materials around the aperture opening. The aperture is detailed with flexibility in mind allowing enclosure to be easily re-configured to adapt to different context and scales. The relationship between the light fixtures and projected surfaces encourages a playful design explorations and interaction with the audience, lighting design with both functional and decorative use which encourages interaction between the space, surface and people.

The housing unit for the lighting uses a simple geometry clad in translucent Shoji paper. The aperture is formed around reflective nylon fabric stretched around the opening structure to sculpt the light projected against the vertical surface. The structure is constructed from transparent acrylic members with concealed fixtures to allow the light to grow from within but also makes the structure easy to fabricate and iterate prototype process through the use of laser cutting machines.

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