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Light Mortion

Location: Hong Kong SAR / Scope: Prototyping of interactive lighting design / Year: 2020

Light Motion is conceptual lighting design proposal developed in response to exhibition organized by "DESIGN TRUST: Critically Homemade" Prototype Exhibition. Responding to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the design community and beyond, the proposal set out to mitigate effect of the reduced social interaction and social separation by creating spatial devices that promote interaction and makes the user feel emotionaly interconnected with their loved ones.

The lighting device integrates IOT components that allows family members and friends to send smiles and messages to each other in the forms of lighting signals and pattern, allowing loved ones who are physically separated to share the space and feel interconnected. It was envisioned, a pair of lighting devices are equipped with AI powered Computer Vision sensor that detect the smiles – and potentially other emotions – of users and sends them to its counterpart device in the form of lighting signals and patterns.

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