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Eight Gates Pavilion

Location: New Territories, Hong Kong SAR / Scope: Landscape design / Year: 2011-2014 / Award: Winner of the A&D Trophy Awards 2016, Best in Category, Landscaping in Architecture (Professional Category)

Architecture and landscape design for a new pavilion structure set within CUHK's 137.3-hectare campus and forming part of the Caring Alumni Eco Campus Trail; 900sqm semi-covered open space and pavilion comprises seating areas and small events space underneath canopy structure and landscape water feature, creating much needed, additional amenity space for students and the university community.

The site occupies an open space between the two buildings, Sir Run Run Shaw Hall and Y.C. Liang Hall; the pavilion structure co-exists in unique closeness with the large existing Banyan tree, which over the years has become a dominant feature of the site. Integrated lighting at the edge of the eight portal frame structures transforms the appearance of the pavilion at night with vibrant purple hue which pays homage to the university identity.

Working with a certified arborist to develop a structural strategy to preserve the large Banyan tree, the project evolved through number of design iteration, including carefully hand digging trenches around the tree to survey its roots positions to finalize the structural footing. In essence, seemingly random composition of the final design geometry reflects the careful study and arrangement to allow the pavilion structure to be realized in close proximity to the existing tree while ensuring its preservation.

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