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Hotel Retreat in Thiruvananthapuram

Location: Kerala, India / Scope: Architecture and Design Research (Yutaka Yano while conducting design research at UCL) / Year: 1995-1996 / Award: RIBA Bronze Medal (1996) and Sergeant Drawing Prize

The project explore articulation of environmental design as a catalyst for new architecture typology. The design strategy integrates innovative microclimate control system with counterbalanced kinetic canopy which responds to the changing wind patterns to regulate the ventilation of hotel rooms below. The dynamic canopy also provides shaded space for the amenity roof space with cascading swimming pool and water running through the facility that further contribute to regulating the building space through evaporative cooling.

Working with the local residents and fabricator, life-size mockup of the kinetic canopy prototype was built and tested on site. The proposal was created while conducting design research at University College London and resulted in receiving the prestigious Bronze Medal and Sergeant Drawing Prize by Royal Institute of British Architects. The hotel proposal also included outdoor multi-activity area and covered space underneath the building to encourage extension of the nearby street market activity into the site and act as new counter point between busy road junctions with commercial street activity and the beach, as a way to integrate the new building with the existing urban setting.

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