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Lady Shaw Roof Garden

Location: Sha Tin, Hong Kong SAR / Scope: Architecture and Landscape A&A works / Year: 2016-2018

Architecture and landscape design for 3150m2 rooftop A&A works, including creation of a series of amenity spaces and pavilions from Concept, Schematic, tender and detail design. The rooftop garden forms a part of popular network of amenity space within the central campus of the University. Located on the southern side of the University Mall, directly linked by a footbridge, the new rooftop provides contrasting soft-landscaped garden area with meandering pathway link that connects series of smaller amenity spaces including a Tea-House pavilion with open canopy covered with climber plants that are designed to frame the backdrop of the great scenery looking down towards the Sha Tin townscape below and beyond.

Working within limitations of existing loading capacity, the design went through a number of iterations to meet the stringent local building code while maintaining diverse range of soft-landscape elements to create a garden space with varying characters. Working with the soft-landscape supplier and the Estate Management Office of the University, variety of native plants were selected for the garden with consideration for its aesthetic, shading and fragrant quality as well as ease of the long term maintenance.

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