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Transformative Hong Kong | The Collateral Event At The 18th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale Di Venezia

Location: Venice Italy and Hong Kong SAR PRC / Scope: Curation, exhibition design and associated programme development / organisation Year: 2022 - 2024 / Project Team: Curator; SKY Lee, Yutaka Yano, Hendrik Tieben. Project Manager; May Leung. Graphic ID and Design: HATO and MAJO Design. Organiser; HKIABF and Arts Development Council Hong Kong / Credit (Cover Image) Moving Bamboo by: Hiroyuki Shinohara and Tung Hoi Peter Chan, Photo © Virgile Simon Bertrand

SKY YUTAKA co-curated and provided exhibition design service, and organised the associated programme and project management of the Hong Kong’s ninth participation of the Venice Biennale. Responding to “The Laboratory of the Future’, main curatorial theme, the exhibition curated 11 exhibits capturing the innovative stories and the evolving urban planning of Hong Kong transformation.

Curated through an initial open call process, selection of eleven exhibitors through different media were co-ordinated to reflect Hong Kong’s different scales of transformation which examine the relationship between institutional framework + snapshot of how academia, creative community and practitioners are responding to the emerging institutional policy change + trends through selected projects of Architectural transformation exploring Construction Technology, Sustainability beyond the city’s metropolis + Social Innovation fostering cross-generational engagement within local communities.

The Exhibition system was designed to be transformative in nature with the crates transforming into different display modes which can adapt to different venues. The exhibition made conscious effort of material use and minimizing wastage to promote a more sustainable model or temporary event based display system design.

Part of HKIABF’s new 2023 initiative the exhibition formed part of the Roving Architecture Exhibition for a series of exhibitions in the Mainland, Hong Kong and the Belt & Road (B&R) countries to reveal the unique characters of Hong Kong architecture and urbanism and to promote Hong Kong’s creative industries in international arena.

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Works by Lead8 and Rocco Design Architects Associates Ltd

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Video work by Justin Hui

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Photo credit © Virgile Simon Bertrand