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Visions 2050 / Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture (Hong Kong)

Location: Kowloon Park and Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre, Hong Kong SAR / Scope: Curation, Exhibition Design, Project Management, Programme Organisation / Year: 2015-2016 / / Project Team: Curator; SKY Lee, Yutaka Yano, Christine Hawley, Paolo Zaide, Roger Wu. Project Manager; Karen Kwok Nga Lam. Organiser; HKIABF / Photo Credit (Cover Image): © Conrado Dy-Liacco

SKY YUTAKA co-curated, organized associated programs and project management of the Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture Hong Kong, which is a three month event that is co-organized by Hong Kong and Shenzhen under an innovative “Two Cities, One Biennale” approach, aimed at promoting education and public engagement around a dynamic discussions on architecture, urbanism, design and culture. With collaborative support of local universities and institutions, practices and the participants, the events enabled conversations on wide range of aspects focused on Hong Kong’ s urban environment from the past to the future.

The centerpiece of the Biennale was an exhibition space which included over sixty International and local exhibitors. Using the visual media of images, paintings, models, prototypes and installations, the exhibition was conceived as a narrative of the past, present and future centered around the question on our lifestyle and the city. The central multi-channel projection was conceived to show the work of architects, filmmakers, photographers in an immersive environment which explored different representations of unique Hong Kong urban space.

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